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Starting a Movement Starting a Movement

Cynthia Bialek has worked for years translating yoga into an aquatic environment. Read more

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Pool of Experts Pool of Experts

More than 70 years after Joseph Pilates introduced his revolutionary exercise ideas to the world, clinicians began to wonder if those ideas wouldn’t translate nicely into the water. Read more

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Trust Falls Trust Falls

For many people, falls are a constant threat. And because of this looming concern, people rein in their movements. They stop risking normal tasks such as climbing the stairs, or walking down a steep driveway, or picking up items off the floor. Read more

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Finding Balance Finding Balance

Imagine London, circa 1950 Read more

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Back in the Game Back in the Game

Late-night television is inundated with products designed to bring buff abdominals to the flabby masses. Read more

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