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Best Special Event Programming. Best Special Event Programming.

Successful special events can be as easy as ABC. Just ask the staff at the Rancho Simi Recreation District in Simi Valley, Calif., who put that simple formula to work when creating the “ABCs of a Safe Summer.” Read more

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Best Programming for Special Populations Best Programming for Special Populations

Evaluating the abilities, needs and achievements of disabled swimmers is essential to developing their confidence in and around water. Read more

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Best In-Service Training Best In-Service Training

Facility managers looking for a program on which to model their own in-service training program need look no farther than Summit on the Park in Canton, Mich. Read more

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Best Children's Programming Best Children's Programming

Christmas shopping can be hectic enough without having to drag several children around from mall to mall. Read more

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Best Adult Programming

Adolph Kiefer, founder and owner of Adolph Kiefer and Associates, Zion, Ill., won a gold medal in the backstroke at the 1936 Olympics. Since then, he has dedicated his life to improving swim programs, aquatic safety and pool equipment. Read more

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