Renovated in 2011, Garvey Park Splash Zone now includes 27,509 square feet of aquatic space. The project was part of an overall plan to renovate community aquatic amenities originally constructed in the 1950s.

Along with Garvey Park, the Rosemead Aquatic Center was also updated. The total cost was more than $2.6 million, funded through grants and local partnerships. Designers were challenged to meet the recreation needs a diverse and changing community, while maintaining the integrity of the original Garvey Park site.The city’s need for more recreation and leisure based activities was a key element in the design and renovation for the pool at Garvey Park. The renovation modernized the facility while still retaining community roots.

In place of the existing lap pool, there are now two water slides; a 2,000 square foot multipurpose pool; and a 2,000 square foot splash pad featuring geysers, sprayers and drop buckets. The new splash pad uses fun-muted colors that attract younger patrons but still fit in with the park and its surroundings.