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    Judge’s Comment: “For a wellness-based facility, Saint Francis Medical Center, Fitness Plus offers quite an expansive list of programs, in addition to its adaptive and rehabilitative services. The facility is definitely set up to make clients feel better, become more mobile, and to continue with a wide variety of programs beyond therapy.”

With four separate pools, each a different temperature, the aquatics facilities at Saint Francis Medical Center, Fitness Plus serve almost every demographic and accommodate a wide variety of programs.

The four-lane 25-yard lap pool maintains a consistent 82 degrees while the 32,014-gallon exercise pool is kept at 88 degrees. A 2,657-gallon whirlpool sustains a temperature of 104 degrees, and the aquatic therapy pool is heated to 92 degrees.

Besides being used for water therapy and arthritis aquatics, the therapy pool works well for infant and toddler swim lessons and family recreation on weekends. Pools are located in close proximity, allowing users to easily and safely move from one to another.

Fitness Plus has been designated a “Certified Medical Fitness Center,” an accreditation issued through the Medical Fitness Association and awarded to centers that have met the highest level of safety, cleanliness, staff training and program development.

In a member survey conducted in April 2010, 93.5 percent of the respondents said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of the programs at Fitness Plus. To maintain high levels of guest satisfaction, the aquatics staff attends an annual planning session/retreat where programs are reviewed and revised. This gives the staff a sense of ownership in program successes, and allows management to eliminate offerings that no longer attract participants.

To reach new members, Fitness Plus markets via direct mailings, newspaper ads, quarterly program brochures, billboards on the medical center campus, and messages on digital billboards located throughout the community.