Amanda Tarrier
Amanda Tarrier

Just nine years ago, Amanda Tarrier was a college student at Wesleyan University, finishing up a degree in earth and environmental science. Today she’s a senior sanitarian with the New York State Health Department, and an important player on the Model Aquatic Health Code project.

A 2002 graduate, one of Tarrier’s first jobs was an internship with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. As an intern, she surveyed lake and beach water quality.

“It was interesting to go from studying the environment from a purely scientific standpoint to learning how people can affect the environment and, in turn, how the environment can affect people,” she says.

That internship experience led to her current position, which includes assisting NYSHD’s Bureau of Community Environmental Health and Food Protection assistant director Doug Sackett, who also directs the Model Aquatic Health Code project.

“A lot of what I do is logistics,” Tarrier says. “I try to keep everything organized to make the Steering Committee and technical committees’ jobs easier.” The note-taking and other support work that she’s responsible for may not be glamorous, but Tarrier says she’s learning a lot and looking forward to watching how the code evolves over the course of her career.

“Aquatics is a niche that I fell into, and I think the MAHC is really going to help take the guesswork out of why certain recommendations are in place,” she adds.

Tarrier only has a short history in aquatics thus far, but she is working on a master’s in public health at the State University of New York at Albany, so it’s a safe bet that as she moves forward in her career, she’ll continue to be part of that process.