Chaos Resort bills itself as the World’s First Comic Book Playground and is a departure from the usual lodge or tropical waterpark theme. Themed as a “training ground for tomorrow’s superheroes,” it includes several play zones, featuring a spa, water slides, a lazy river and an interactive play structure just for kids. One unique aspect is the giant-size “I Spy” game with clues hidden throughout the waterpark.

Unbeknownst to most guests, the bigger story for Chaos Resort takes place behind the scenes. This waterpark resort is revolutionary for utilization of green-friendly innovations. To reduce water, heat and chemical usage, regenerative filters are being used for the waterpark. To reduce natural gas consumption, pool water is heated with waste heat from the hotel though an advanced heat recycling system. To reduce the energy required for heating and ventilation, an optical population counter provides the input to automatically modulate the variable-frequency drives used. Waterpark ventilation is adjusted based on the number of people at play. The water in the attractions will flow faster or slower based on the number of people using the attraction at that time.

The resort also includes state-of-the-art, skidproof safety flooring, and the staff is trained on the unique specifics of the property. Lifeguards are required to complete an additional waterpark certification, while front-desk staff works with wristband technology and computer programs. Before and after shifts, the guards regularly practice emergency scenarios throughout the park’s many features.

Lifeguards and front-desk staff also practice life-threatening and non-life-threatening emergency response during park hours to simulate realistic crowd control and staff coordination. Finally, each division of staff members meets monthly to discuss and train on relevant issues of the previous month.

The facility has not yet been open a year and marketing has been a key element for building business success. Chaos markets to a wide audience in Wisconsin and Minnesota via television campaigns, radio ads, e-mail blasts, Facebook ads and brochure distribution.

Chaos is such a visual atmosphere, the company finds the best rate of return from the TV campaign. To capitalize on this success, Chaos teams with TV stations for promotional contests. In addition to contests, Chaos Water Park Resort has many special events planned in the near future, including fund-raisers for local youth programs, bachelor and bachelorette parties, ongoing comedy shows, corporate and private events, and a Salute to Motown, complete with costumes and bands.


“The unique theme and attention to detail make this resort stand out.”


Chaos waterpark — part of a full-service resort featuring the Metropolis hotel and Action City Family Fun Center — includes 3 water slides, a 400-foot-long lazy river, spa, activity pool and Mayhem Bay, an interactive children’s play structure.


Day or overnight packages, birthday party/special event packages.