In May 2007, the Chime Long Water Park opened with great anticipation and fanfare. Spanning more than 30 acres, Chime Long is now the largest waterpark in Asia. The development adds substantially to the existing Chime Long entertainment complex, which includes an animal park and zoo, circus, dry theme park and resort hotel and draws thousands of visitors from the surrounding district.

Within this new aquatics facility are many “World Firsts.” Among the most unique of these debut water rides is Whitewater West Industries’ Family Boomerango. This multiple-person tube ride sets high expectations for the rest of the park. Riders are shot up vertically and held weightless for a split second, before dropping backward. They end their trip gliding over a transition hump and landing in a splash-down pool.

Coming off the same tower as Boomerango is a family raft ride in the Bubba Tub configuration. Both share a raft conveyor, freeing up patrons’ hands as they ascend the approximately 63-foot-tall ride tower.

Another industry first, the Giant RainFortress is the largest children’s interactive water-play structure outside North America. This 59-foot-high, Hawaiian-themed play center can handle approximately 1,500 guests. It features more than 300 interactive water toys and play elements, including two giant tipping buckets, seven different water slides, and numerous levels and features. The Giant RainFortress is situated next to the high-thrill Free Fall Plus high-speed slide tower, featuring a speed slide and a body speed slide. The Master Blaster uphill water coaster and tornado raft ride are located nearby.

At the heart of the park, a series of feature rides and water slides add to the overall entertainment value. A continuous lazy river more than 800 meters in length rings a large wave pool. That wave pool includes a 55,000-square-foot family wave pool area and a boogie board pool area that’s approximately 36,000 square feet The two pools are connected by a beach entry and divided by a peninsula.

At the edge of the park is a large children’s pool. For the little ones, this space is a waterpark onto itself. It features multiple slides, pools, flow channels, spray features, decks, level changes, shade and swim areas — all sized for youngsters’ use. The eight-lane Whizzard Mat Racers, and a slide tower featuring three open and enclosed two-

person inner tube slides are located on either side of the children’s pool.

To complement the mix of attractions, Chime Long features tropical paradise theming and plenty of dry space in the form of decks, paths, shade areas and lounge space.

Operational facilities provide spots for food and beverage sales, retail, offices, restrooms and changing, lockers, a performance stage and maintenance.

In addition, the landscaping is designed to deal with the extensive demands of high visitation.

Combined, the ingenuity and design of Chime Long Water Park development has set new standards in the industry — and most certainly for parks developed outside of North America.

Among the accolades to come Chime Long’s way, it was voted “Must-See Water Park of the Year” (2007) at the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions exhibition.

Attendance reached the one million mark in less than three months of operation, helping initiate the planning of its second phase expansion. Openings are scheduled for 2008 and 2009