What does a swimmer with an undergraduate degree in politics, a master’s degree in philanthropic studies and public affairs, another master’s in education, and more graduate work in education do with all this scholarly learning? If you’re Dale Neuburger, you throw yourself into the competitive swimming world at all levels.

The president of the United States Aquatic Sports also leads FINA as vice president. He currently chairs the commission that oversees swimming for the 2007-2009 FINA World Championships in Melbourne, Australia; Manchester, England; and Rome. The same commission will oversee swimming for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Regardless of his position, Neuburger says he always works to create symbiotic relationships among the different organizations, which too often work as competitors rather than partners. As president of USA Swimming, for in-stance, he aimed to improve its relationships with groups such as FINA, USOC, YMCA and NCAA. He is currently working to overhaul USA Swimming in similar fashion. In so doing, he hopes to help move the entire aquatics industry forward. — Rin-rin Yu