Completed in 2014, the Little Otter Swim School was built anew specifically for its purpose, with individual pools geared to different types of education and skill levels.

The 16,300-square-foot facility includes three teaching pools, as well as changing rooms, offices and reception area, and a viewing room for parents. Glass garage doors in the teaching area allow for the exchange of air during warmer periods.

The facility is themed to make learning as much fun as possible for children. Little ones are engaged by such touches as otter footprints stamped into the concrete at the building’s entrance and bright colors throughout. Imported foam fish sculptures are hung from the ceiling in the pool area to hold the interest of young students, while murals and three-dimensional sculptures from Wacky World Studios of Tampa, Fla. reinforce a playful oceanic theme.

The pools also are built with children and swim education in mind. One vessel specifically for parent-child instruction features movable benches at two depths so children can experience bouyancy. Built-in benches allow children to sit in the water while they wait for their personal instruction, rather than having to go on the deck.