KeyLime Cove, the Chicago area’s newest indoor waterpark resort, is bringing Midwesterners a little piece of the islands. From the tropically styled rooms to the indoor waterpark, the resort is designed as a totally themed environment emulating an island vacation experience in the middle of Gurnee, Ill.

The waterpark itself forms an integral part of the overall KeyLime experience. The entrance to the 65,000-square-foot indoor waterpark is

designed as a journey into an enchanted aquatic paradise. Lush palm trees and tropical vegetation add to the atmosphere, and water stretches to the artificial skyline, painted with distant clouds that suggest wind-swept ocean waves.

When it comes to attractions, a colorful Key West-themed play structure stands out distinctly from the tranquil backdrop, creating an eye-catching focal point. The bi-level play structure is approximately 42 feet tall and

accommodates up to 400 fun seekers. Among other interactive features, it includes four water slides and a giant tipping bucket that can hold nearly 800 gallons of water.

A lazy river emptying into a 4,000-square-foot family wave pool enables guests to explore the island paradise at their leisure.

For thrill seekers, the ride to take undoubtedly is the SuperBowl. This one- or two-person inner tube bowl ride follows a dramatic curved drop into a 40-foot-diameter bowl and then transitions down into a channel of the lazy river. In addition, the slide complex provides a full range of custom-designed body and tube slides. Two fully enclosed one- or two-person inner- tube slides extend off the 40-foot-tall tower into a landing pool below. Next to these are two serpentine body slides that extend off the same tower, but at a far more thrilling configuration.

Taken as a whole, the unique park design — with its carefully crafted layout, subtle level changes, linked spaces and themed approach — creates a waterpark experience that is a visual delight and has a unique character and setting.