Our Dream Facility brings the magical allure of Mediterranean ambiance indoors for an exquisite, yet intimate, social or corporate experience.

We recognized the need for a high-end resort experience that also responds to the human scale. Often, a larger scale pool design lacks general architectural context. We chose to offset the classical elements of Mediterranean architecture against the backdrop of a wild, pristine landscape.

We also had observed that in some resort settings, the size and scale of the site becomes overwhelming. In some instances, family members need cell phones to keep in touch while they are enjoying their “family vacation.” So our dream was to design a facility that would bring people together in more intimate surroundings. This environment will bind families and friends, and encourage interaction created through a variety of activities.

Covering approximately 40,000 square feet, this Dream Facility meets the high standards of today’s hospitality market. It is easy to maintain, affordable and aesthetically varied. To promote a range of desired mood settings, the entire facility is equipped with area-specific audio/video equipment, water-temperature controls, and a vast assortment of waterfeatures and lighting.

Not only do the massive artificial boulders provide a perfect disguise for unattractive mechanical equipment, plumbing and storage, but they also create acoustical barriers to soften the noise typically associated with an indoor facility. By the same thinking, we incorporated our ductwork within the columns and pillars, set strategically throughout the natatorium to combine relief and add color to the ceiling, enhancing the entire look and feel.

The mezzanine level and main deck area are designed to meet all entertaining needs. The elegant balcony overlooks the entire facility, providing a breathtaking Mediterranean vista that encompasses the fine-dining area and a 10,000-gallon tropical fish aquarium. It is the perfect setting for stylish corporate and social events.

The main-level dining area has been designed for birthday parties and more casual events. It houses casual dining lounges that encircle a centrally located, tiered fountain.

The dining area also provides supervision of small children playing in the beach entry area. This zero-depth entry area has been designed to provide children of almost any age a safe place to play. A multitude of water-features, sprays and slides will ensure long-lasting enjoyment under the watchful eye of a parent or a facility-provided babysitter.

The main pool entrance leads into kid heaven. A pirate ship carries a range of water sprays and gadgets. Ladders connect different ship levels, slides and randomly programmed water-curtain masts. The entire ship is set on a movable floor that can raise, lower and rumble the craft to create storming and sinking effects.

Next to the main pool, a gently sloping ramp provides a dry entrance to a small, intimate spa carved into a grotto. The cave roof naturally blocks out the incessantly loud noise generated from the nearby activities. During night socials, the interior is illuminated with a million tiny fiberoptic lights set within the ceiling and around the spa.

Centered within the main pool is an in-water volleyball court with a Mediterranean theme. This becomes the entrance point to the formal gallery, which includes more refined architectural elements intertwined into a large spa and quiet pool area overlooking a backdrop of a harbor vista. This area has soothing garden elements. A stone-filled creek flows into the quiet pool, surrounded by fire pits. However, a slide quickly drops patrons back into the main pool and high adventure.

A lazy river runs through the tunnel and encircles the quiet pool area. It doubles as a water-walking pathway, simultaneously providing passive, active and therapeutic recreation.

The main therapeutic area is accessible through the secondary beach entry. Equipped with seating, railing, massaging jets and water temperature controls, it includes a podium for the staff, connected to the nearby “mountains.” The artificial rocks double as storage for therapeutic equipment. Likewise, the therapeutic area can double as an additional aerobics nook.

The main aerobic area, located by the tropical fish tank, is intended for every age group. Its walls extend nearly 10 feet above the water level and provide a magnificent view for the pool users.

The diving pool consists of removable ship wreckage and imitation coral reef on the bottom, complete with an underwater view of the fish tank. The pool includes two niches for short-term storage of oxygen tanks and other scuba-diving equipment. The diving board set on the boulders completes the cliff diving effect.

The view of the huge fish tank also is possible from above. People can cross a faux stone bridge leading to the scuba-diving and competitive area. The fish tank provides yet another panorama, which can be seen by the public exclusively from outside the pool area.

Finally, our state-of-the-art competition pool is engineered with a “fast” perimeter gutter for maximum performance. A projection screen faces the pool for movie nights. The bleachers are carved into stone boulders, providing adequate seating. The colonnade of water curtains reflects the regularity of the lap pool and carries on the classical atmosphere in this area.

The moving ship, elevated spa and “harbor” fresco are all designed to tantalize different senses, from the extreme to the serene. But perhaps what speaks most about our Dream Facility is programming flexibility to keep patrons of any age engaged and entertained.