At this dream facility, the adventure begins before guests even arrive. Set on an island amid tropical seas, the theme park is accessible only by water or air. Once on the island, visitors discover the park has been carved out of the existing mountainous landscape. In addition to gorgeous views, the rugged terrain provides a multitude of activities connected by water rides — both up and down the mountain.

Today’s theme parks often include replicated features from Mother Nature such as swirling rapids or meandering rivers. This dream facility, however, combines the beauty of nature with the latest aquatic technology for an extreme water adventure like no other.

Nature not only provides the theme, but powers park activities as well. Hydropower, solar power and wind power are the primary utility sources. Ocean water treated through a desalinization process is used and recycled for the water features.

The park is divided into two zones. One is a traditional but extreme waterpark adventure, while the other is a “survivor” challenge for thrill seekers yearning for intensity and risk.

Visitors enter the extreme waterpark through buildings carved into the base of one of two mountains on the island. These entry structures contain lockers, lounges and stacked terraces. An alternative entrance is located at the top of the mountain, which is accessible only by helicopter.

A myriad of slides, conveyors and pools — ranging from calm to brisk — cover the mountain. An exceptionally long river ride traverses from summit to base, passing through dark and mysterious caves within the mountain. The more adventurous visitors may prefer steep-water drop rides, descending through chutes that drop from pool to pool with breathtaking speeds and splashes.

At the base of the island are tamer activities for the young. Child-oriented adventures are interactive, educational and fun, and include whimsically colored water, rivers of bubbles, and mini obstacle courses through small caves where water mist and stream activities await.

The waterpark adventure extends into the ocean — and undersea, as well. Guests can ride an enclosed water tube ride into the ocean to view fish and sea creatures up close within the protection of the water train tunnel ride.

Situated on the island’s other mountain is the exhilarating and demanding “survivor” attraction. Bold adventurers are cautioned about looming challenges in an initiation area behind a waterfall before continuing on a range of wild activities, including a computer-enhanced extreme mountain climbing adventure, survival jumps, rapids rides, cliff diving, snake pits, shark pools and obstacle courses.

A lagoon separates the two mountains where entertainment can be enjoyed in the surrounding natural amphitheater. Guests can watch a dolphin race, acrobatic performance, or evening light show, among other features. Hospitality is boosted by spa facilities, shopping venues and lodging accommodations, as well as refreshments and an incredible view.

This futuristic waterpark concept has the capacity for self-sustaining facilities and features, using three major renewable resources: hydropower, solar power and wind power. Each of these will complement one another.

The consistent flow of water through a powerhouse turbine will generate power to operate waterfeatures. Chlorine will be replaced with copper/ silver ionization. Solar powers the lights and special electronics applications in the waterpark. Wind turbines, located offshore, produce between 1- and 1.5-megawatts of power that will generate energy for evening activities. Using desalinated seawater avoids the need to transport fresh water from a distance.

This dream facility offers many thrilling activities and life-long memories. Such a fusion of imagination and nature will no doubt delight, amaze and appeal to a wide range of fun and adventure seekers.