This dream therapy pool offers unlimited rehabilitation options in a limited space. Therapy in this pool is generally done one-on-one, with no more than two patients at the same time. Many considerations were made for this pool design to serve patrons with needs: most importantly, easy access and a constant 92-degree Fahrenheit temperature.

Stairs and a lift that moves a patient anywhere around the room provide access. Two pairs of perpendicularly mounted rails, one movable and one stationary, and a movable chair are all attached to the ceiling. The therapist or patient can operate the chair, which moves the patient from anywhere on the deck to any part of the pool. The components of the lift are all hospital-grade stainless steel with low voltage controls for safety.

Once in the pool, patients can warm their muscles in the semi-separate spa area, which is heated to 104 degrees. The water in this area of the pool, controlled by a separate booster heater, dissipates into the larger pool area for a comfortable transition. The spa is heated only when in use. Agitation fittings are also included in the spa area for relaxation and massage purposes and can be turned off or on as needed.

The pool features five different water depths with a flat floor at each depth, and steps with handrails between each level. The flat floor eases therapy and the removable stainless steel rails give patients a stable handhold and also separate the different elevations. The water depths — 2, 3, 4, 4 1/2 and 5 feet — allow treatment for anyone of any age, height or disability.

The decks are finished in colorfully patterned ceramic tile with a nonslip finish. An integral deck drain is on the back edge of the stainless steel gutter. Natural light, a great healer by itself, floods the room, and the paint scheme is warm and refreshing.

The heating and ventilating system is designed to cycle plenty of fresh air and provide humidity control without any dead spots. The latent heat from the dehumidifier is used as a supplemental heat source for the pool, while the air temperature is warmer than normal to keep patients comfortable when exiting the water. The room’s air pressure is kept slightly negative to prevent humidity from penetrating the walls.

Everything the water touches is made of nonmetallic material or stainless steel, with the exception of the copper heat exchanger, which makes this facility extremely low maintenance. The design incorporates high-efficiency, commercial-grade pumps and motors with all wetted parts epoxy-coated (flooded suction); nonmetallic filters with auto-backwash; high-efficiency heaters with staged burners; and an enhanced ultraviolet light disinfection system.

Since patron safety is always at the forefront, our design exceeds minimum codes and standards. The main safety concerns in the pool and natatorium design are water chemistry, air quality, surface finishes, precautionary tile markings, patron mobility in and around the pool and emergency response.

Operator ease is also built-in, with the pool’s controls and monitoring systems connected to the building’s control systems. This allows remote monitoring, remote control of equipment and emergency contact of maintenance staff. In addition to monitoring and controlling disinfectant levels and the pH, the controller will also have a temperature sensor, alkalinity levels, calcium hardness, Langilier’s calcium saturation index and the Ryzner Index.