He pronounces “project” with a long “o” because, after all, he is Canadian, but designer Bruce Morris’ projects are making a mark worldwide. As director of design at WhiteWater West Industries in Richmond, British Columbia, Morris heads up a group of architects who have created parks such as Caribbean Bay in Korea, AquaParc in Switzerland, Mala Bay in Taiwan, and Magic Springs Crystal Falls in Arkansas.

The 55-year-old Morris came on board WhiteWater 12 years ago, when the company decided to expand its services and offer design to clients. Since then, Morris considers Caribbean Bay one of his more unique designs. An indoor and outdoor waterpark, the project cost $130 million and is themed in a Spanish Caribbean style.

No matter what the project, Morris works to push the boundaries of design with each new park he envisions. “What can you do that is a little bit different?” he asks. “That can be in terms of attractions, or how you organize a park, how you theme it, or how you take advantage of site conditions.”

But he says one of the most important elements in any project is something that’s a little more difficult to measure. “We have a lot of fun with looks and themes for various projects,” he says. “You’ve got your standard parts and there are a lot of ways you can put them together to create a dynamic, exciting whole.” — Rin-rin Yu