The design focus was to create a holistic, integrated, healing environment to support the mission of the Wounded Warrior program. The $1.8 million facility is located in a secluded, mountainous area overlooking Lake O’Neill, providing a tranquil environment for healing.

Additionally, the color scheme and lighting design were developed to evoke a sense of calmness to enhance the healing process. The exterior of the pool area was designed with textured, multicolored concrete masonry units and a standing seam metal roof complementing other buildings on the campus.

Completed in 2011, the center includes an outdoor lap pool with a dry ramp, and a water-therapy pool. Special features include an adjustable floor, a variable-speed underwater treadmill, resistance therapy jets and underwater monitoring equipment.

This pool facility is an integral part of the new Wounded Warrior complex at Camp Pendleton, Calif., developed to support the healing and well-being of injured service men and women. A commitment was made to incorporate sustainable elements into every part of the project.

The efforts of the design team resulted in the project achieving the first LEED Platinum certification for the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marines nationwide. Sustainable “green” features include the use of thermal solar panels to provide the primary source of heat for the pool water, resulting in a projected 60 percent cost savings over traditional pool heaters.