After a nine-day stay in the intensive-care unit, history-making Olympian swimmer Amy Van Dyken-Rouen has been moved to a regular hospital room, as she continues to recover from an accident that left her with a severed spine. Later this week, she is expected to transported to a facility specializing in spinal-cord injuries, where she will begin rehabilitation.

On June 6, the 41-year-old swimmer-turned-sports-commentator was driving an all-terrain vehicle when it hit a curb and flung her. Her spinal cord was severed at the T11 verbebra.

The swimmer remains paralyzed, but doctors still don't know if it is permanent. A rumor had circulated saying that she was no longer paralyzed, but Van Dyken-Rouen said it wasn't true.

In 1996 in Atlanta, Van Dyken-Rouen became the first American female to win four gold medals at one Olympics. She won two more golds in the 2000 Games. Read More