A review of safety data from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs indicates water slides are the biggest source of injuries at amusement parks and carnivals in the state.

According to NJ.Com, of the 552 amusement ride incidents reported in New Jersey since 2009, 122 took place on a water slide. All told, water slides were cited in 40 percent of the reports, even though the attractions make up a mere 11 percent of the rides authorized to operate in the state.

Perhaps not surprising is the leader of the accidents reported: Mountain Creek Water Park (the former Action Park, which in April returned to its former name), which has been indicated in more than one hundred incidents. In fact, the firm is named in a lawsuit from an accident that took place in 2012. 

But the Vernon park is certainly not the only one cited in the report. And what this data means to the industry as a whole is unclear. Further, how it compares to incidents in other states has not yet been reported.

Will this news damage the number of attendees headed to waterparks this summer? What are your thoughts on this report? Read More and then discuss the issue below.