Critical drought conditions have forced at least one waterpark to adopt extreme measures. In Wichita Falls, Texas, Stage 5 conditions have forced Castaway Cove Waterpark operators to truck in well water.

According to a report from NBC 5, "A city statement says Castaway Cove had been actively seeking alternative water sources so the park could open Saturday for the season.

"The park plans to haul up to 9,000 gallons of well water daily. The wells have been tested by an independent lab so the water complies with state health regulations. Park revenues will pay the estimated $70,000 water-hauling cost."

Meanwhile, another report notes that 90 percent of the state is facing drought. And further west, all of California and Nevada are also in drought, according to the National Weather Service. That has industry commentator Gary Thill asking, "Will 2014 drought dry up public pools and water parks?" What do you think?