After the tree is put out to the curb and you’ve finally recovered from that New Year’s bender, it’s tempting to look back and feel as if another year has slipped away, leaving you in the same old place you were 365 days ago.

Why else do we have New Year’s resolutions? They’re all about making sure this year is going to be different.

The same holds true for industries. Year and year out, it can seem as if nothing ever changes.

But if you take a look back through the past year, as we did with our 2006 retrospective, you’ll see that the aquatics industry has done a good job making necessary changes toward improvement with new standards and course corrections. A number of initiatives that were started in 2006 — standardized lifeguarding procedures, updated products and improved educational opportunities — promise to bear fruit in 2007.

And while it’s easy to suggest that the aquatics industry isn’t exactly Silicon Valley when it comes to innovation — after all, what can you really do with heaters, pumps and filters? — manufacturers are, in fact, churning out some exciting new equipment and technology to ensure smooth-running aquatics facilities.

Just check out our story about new flocculation technology that promises to aid in the war against recreational water illnesses. If that doesn’t convince the naysayers, there’s page after page of new products in our January issue, which shows how committed manufacturers are to providing professionals with the tools they need to keep their facilities humming.

So before anyone starts to get down about themselves or the industry in this new year, I hope they’ll take a look at all the exciting changes that have happened and are happening in aquatics. It’s enough to strengthen anyone’s resolve to make 2007 the best year yet!

Gary Thill

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Credit: Gary Thill