USA Swimming's executive director, Chuck Wielgus, will not be inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame. The decision was made Monday night following protests by swimmers who claim they were sexually abused by their coaches, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Several prominent swimmers, working in conjunction with the Women's Sports Foundation, urged ISHOF to rescind its offer to induct Wielgus. His coronation was planned for June 14.

The group contends that Wielgus, who has been at the helm of competitive swimming's regulatory body since 1987, turned a blind eye to accounts of rampant sexual abuse that have plagued the sport for decades.

Kelley Davies Currin was among those who challenged ISHOF's decision to honor Wielgus. Her testimony put famed swim coach Rick Curl behind bars last year. She has been calling for Wielgus' resignation from USA Swimming for years.

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