Pool electrocutions continue to make headlines, with another incident taking place in Philadelphia.

Three children suffered non-fatal shocks in the city-owned pool. Observers noticed that a boy was shocked as he was trying to climb out of the pool via a metal ladder. Two other children were nearby and also were struck by the current coursing through the water. The children were reportedly taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The pool was immediately emptied and closed for an unspecified period of time. Officials still are investigating the vessel and said they haven't yet pinpointed the current's source.

This is at least the third known pool electrocution to take place in the last year.

In August, 2013, a 27-year-old man was electrocuted to death in a Houston pool while saving his mother and brother from the current. A local professional not linked to the pool said it was missing a ground fault circuit interrupter.

In April of this year, a 7-year-old Florida boy was killed in his backyard pool. The family has filed a lawsuit against the service firm, light manufacturer, an electrical firm and an inspector, saying a wire had overheated and that needed fail-safe mechanisms were missing or didn't operate properly.

In response to the Florida incident, a representative for Associated Swimming Pool Industries of Florida explained the group's position that the installation of low-volt lighting should be required.

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