An Iranian firm has successfully tested a prototype of its Pars aerial robot, a drone that flies out over large bodies of water to drop life preservers near drowning victims.

Over the course of four days this past August, the Pars development team visited the Caspian Sea to conduct a battery of tests on its GPS-guided "lifeguard."

The Pars was able to fly for 10 minutes at a top speed of 10 m/s (22.4 mph) before needing to recharge, with a maximum range of 4.5 km (2.8 miles), according to Gizmag. Based on the test results, experts believe Pars is ideal for emergencies occurring along coastlines and near ships at sea.

It also proved to have a distinct advantage over human lifeguards. During a staged rescue, the drone reached a target 75 m (246 ft) away and dropped its payload in 22 seconds, shaving 69 seconds of a real-life lifeguard rescue.

The company hopes to refine the design based on the trials and is considering adding additional features. However it is still looking for further funding to make this possible. Read More