Credit: — George E. Rohman, operations manager, Morey’s Piers Beachfront Waterparks & Resorts

Throughout the season, whenever you think of an item that you will need to purchase for next year, send yourself an email. Save all such messages in a centralized folder, that way, when you do your annual operating budget for the following season, all your spending needs will be in one place.

Each summer,Hyland Hills Water World sells enough ice cream cones to make a 28,760 ft tall Super Cone, about the height of Mt. Everest.

— Joann V. Gomez, communications director, Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District (Hyland Hills Water World)

Find ways to make sure water chemistry is the No. 1 thing on your team’s mind when when maintaining the facility. Clean and clear water promotes loyal, recurring visitors!

— M. Troy McGinty, AFO-certified CPO instructor and consultant/Poolcomm, CAT Controllers Inc.