Crypto Quiz

Are the following statements about crypto fact or fiction? To test your knowledge, mark True or False and see how well you score.

  1. Crypto is considered a blood borne pathogen.
  2. TrueFalse

  3. At normal levels, chlorine in the pools can not kill all germs.
  4. TrueFalse

  5. Anyone suffering from diarrhea should stay out of a public pool only until symptoms subside.
  6. TrueFalse

  7. A UV disinfection system is 100 percent effective in preventing a crypto outbreak.
  8. TrueFalse

  9. All fecal accidents should be treated the same.
  10. TrueFalse


90-100 percent: Congratulations, you’re a crypto expert!

80-90 percent: Good job, but you could use some more education.

70-80 percent: You did OK, but need to work on your understanding.

60 and under: You need to get better educated about crypto. Go here to start.