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    Metropolis Resort’s Chaos indoor waterpark has a uniquely original theme that plays off children’s wildest imaginations

Owners of the Metropolis Resort, which opened in 2009, have gone way outside the box when it comes to theming the 28,000-square-foot Chaos indoor waterpark.

Located in Eau Claire, Wis., the idea is to capture everything that might excite a child’s imagination. Upon entering the brightly colored waterpark, guests are transported to a world of superheroes and villains, which includes everything from aliens to dinosaurs.

“We knew our target audience would be young families, so we wanted to do a whole menagerie of things we thought kids would like to look at,” co-owner Mark Steil says.

That meant getting really creative and gleaning ideas from the staff as well as artists hired to design the over-the-top murals that cover almost every inch of waterpark wall space.

In the end, the concept ties directly into the overall brand of the property, which includes the Action City Family Fun Center.

“We wanted the reputation that everything we sell here is fun,” Steil says.