Stark Bulkheads

Stark Bulkheads’ one-piece fiberglass bulkheads are made to float and reposition without damaging pool or deck tile and do not produce the trampoline effect, per maker.

Contact: 360.403.7707

Superior Aqua Enterprises

The new ION Perfector is a copper/silver ionizer for small- to medium-sized pools up to 15,000 gallons and also is ideal for swim spas. It is UL-listed and comes with a five-year warranty.

Contact: 800.225.0119

Suspended Aquatic Mentor

Suspended Aquatic Mentor’s backboard Flotation Assist Device floats in the water to provide assistance to the rescuer and security to the victim.

Contact: 888.376.3335


T-Star offers its XER thermal pool cover.

Contact: 510.635.2736


Twirlybyrd, an interchangeable pool and spa fitting system, features customizable jet configurations, massage sensations and hydrotherapy effects. An easily installed universal housing for pool returns and spa jets, it simplifies the construction process and allows numerous customized options, per maker. The system is available in five designer colors to match most interior finish selections. It is suitable for new or remodeled pool and spa systems.

Contact: 888.387.0092

Vortex Aquatic Structures International

The unique design of the Sunrise water-play feature allows toddlers and young children to access the pool in a safe and fun manner, inviting them to climb their way to the crest, slide down and interact with the spray nozzles, per maker.

Contact: 514.694.3868

Water Park Toys

The new themed water cannon by Water Park Toys Inc. stands in or alongside water and features interchangeable faceplates. It draws water through the unit when children turn the handle, eliminating the need for a pump, piping or power. It comes with a 10-year structural guarantee.

Contact: 778.753.5995

Water Tech

Water Tech Corp.’s new Pool Blaster Pro 1500 is a lightweight, battery-powered cleaner that can vacuum debris as large as golf balls and filter debris as small as 2 microns, per maker. It includes an Energy Star-qualified battery charger and two interchangeable battery packs, each with 1½ hours of running time for up to three hours of use; a patented Universal Vac Head Adaptor and a 19-inch vacuum head.

Contact: 800.298.8800

Waterplay Solutions

Waterplay Solution Corp.’s new modular slide activity centers are adaptable to a variety of grades and applications, and are easily customizable, per maker. They feature stainless steel construction, clear polycarbonate panels; mesh netting; curved decks; stairs and panels for a visually stimulating play area.

Contact: 800.590.5552


The WaterWayBabies neck flotation ring from WeeWaterWays supports infants and children in the water, allowing full range of motion for all extremities and the trunk. Available in three sizes, the large neck ring is designed to accommodate a smaller neck circumference yet maintain adequate buoyancy for height and weight, which becomes disproportionate in low tone individuals, per maker.

Contact: 512.422.3317