Here’s a look at how you can use typical elements of a leisure pool to bring health and wellness to your facility.

1. Lazy River These channels make great places to offer water walking and fitness classes that focus on building strength and endurance using the resistance of the current.

2. Deck space When the pool isn’t in general use, or if you’re able to cordon off a section, the deck can be an ideal place to bring in guest speakers on health and wellness topics. You can also use deck space to offer land-based health and wellness workout programs.

3. Catch pools These areas can make great places for fitness programs during hours when amenities aren’t getting much use.

4. Activity pool The varying depths of the activity pool can make it a versatile place to offer a variety of programs.

5. Water-slide stairs Posting a sign letting patrons know how many calories they can burn going up stairs is fun, creative way to turn a burden into a bonus — and keep the focus on fitness.