A wrongful termination lawsuit was filed in Southern California earlier this fall against former U.S.

National Team coach Mark Schubert.

The lawsuit was filed by Dia Rianda, a former coach at the Golden West Swim Club. Rianda alleged that she was fired by Schubert in July after she raised concerns about allegations of sexual abuse by another coach, Bill Jewell.

The complaint further alleged that Schubert surreptitiously hired a private investigator to document Sean Hutchison, coach of another elite Southern California swim club, engaging in inappropriate sexual activities with female swimmers. It went on to contend that Schubert used the incriminating evidence against Hutchison to force a $625,000 “confidential” settlement from USA Swimming. Rianda alleged that in exchange for the money, Schubert promised not to publicly discuss any sexual abuse allegations against USA Swimming coaches, including Hutchison and Curl. She claimed Schubert told her in confidence that he learned about Curl years ago, and informed USA Swimming’s Executive Director Chuck Wielgus on multiple occasions, but no action was taken until Currin came forward this year.

In statements to the media, USA Swimming has denied any coverup.

For her part, Rianda hopes the lawsuit will help prevent future sexual abuse by coaches, said her attorney.

“Dia Rianda loves the sport of swimming. This lawsuit is about protecting children and not about money,” said B. Robert Allard, with Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, LLP, in San Jose, Calif. “This is a family that contributed nearly half a million dollars toward the building of a swimming pool at Carmel High School, donated their time and money into building a swim program in Monterey County, and are major financial contributors to the USA Swimming Foundation. Dia just wants USA Swimming to get rid of the bad eggs that continue to sit at the top of its leadership structure.

“Until that is done, this kind of corruption will manifest itself over and over again, in which case kids will continue to be exposed to sexual abuse and harassment.”