Facility Management

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    Air Cleaners

    Almost everyone has experienced the obnoxious chlorine odor and irritating red eyes of a poorly maintained indoor pool. Most assuredly, this is a sign of too much chlorine right?

  • Source: SeaKlear

    Trapping the Enemy

    Properly maintained sand filters do a fine job of keeping swimming pool water free of much of the undesirable bits and pieces that become suspended in it during normal use

  • Illustration by Tim Bobko

    Air Defense

    This diagram shows how your air circulation system should handle the dry ice test (left).

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    Fighting the Resistance

    Remember those old black-and-white monster movies?

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    Getting it Right

    With water maintenance, there are three broad areas

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    Taking Control

    Until recently, effectively monitoring water quality and the overall facility meant operators had to be on site

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    Re-generating Excitement

    Since the dawn of waterparks, public and private sector properties have relied upon high-rate sand filters for their water.

  • Photo courtesy Marshalltown Iowa Community Y

    Direct to Video

    The atmosphere at a high school state swim meet is intense. In Iowa, spectators brave the February cold and line up hours before the doors open to ensure they will have the best possible vantage point for the me

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    For Good Measure

    For the past 16 years, I have been traveling around the United States training operators.

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    Alternative Media

    Two new filter media are available that show promise in reducing costs and environmental impact

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    Cool It Down

    It’s hard to beat the beauty and aesthetics of a glass-enclosed pool or waterpark

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    Salt Solutions?

    Though facilities have used it for years, saline chlorination, otherwise known as on-site sodium hypochlorite generation or simply chlorine generation, is a little-used technology in the U.S. commercial pool market.


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