The International Swimming Federation, aka FINA, has decided which swimsuits are suitable for competition in its World Championship competitions this summer and through the end of 2009. FINA conducted lab tests on 348 suit designs, including the “high-tech” swimwear that made a splash at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Critics of such suits, as worn by sports icon Michael Phelps and other medalists, have argued that the technology allowed an unfair advantage in setting speed records. Approved suits numbered 202, while 10 were rejected for not passing buoyancy and thickness tests. The other 136 suits tested required modifications to comply with a requirement stating that “swimsuit material shall not be constructed to or include elements/systems that create air/water-trapping effects during use.” FINA also recently ruled that “modesty suits” worn under skintight competition swimwear are to be disallowed, despite some female swimmers branding the decision as sexist.