Here’s a look at some of the most recent swim coaches convicted or accused of sexually molesting one or more athletes. Each individual has been banned for life from USA Swimming since 2009. Click here for more people on USA Swimming’s banned list PDF.

Robert Caragol, a swim coach in Broward County, Fla., admitted to possessing child pornography and having sex with minors. In 2009, he was suspended for life from USA Swimming.

Timothy S. Kelly of North Attleboro, Mass., was arrested after he was found in possession of child pornography. He was indicted in September 2010 and faces federal child pornography charges. Kelly was banned for life from USA Swimming in 2009.

Andrew King was sentenced to 40 years in prison for sexually abusing a number of his young female swimmers. He coached at various organizations in California and the state of Washington, and was banned for life from USA Swimming in 2009.

Don King, a longtime Oregon swim coach, was arrested in 2007 for sexually abusing his swimmers. He was acquitted in 2009, but banned for life from USA Swimming that same year.

Jason Michael Lear was banned for life from USA Swimming in January 2010 for inappropriate sexual behavior. The Central Florida swim coach was arrested in 2009. According to media reports he was accused of performing sexual acts on a 12-year-old-girl who participated in one of his swim classes.

Jesse Stovall was banned from USA Swimming in 2009. He was convicted of sexual activity with a minor (16/17 years old). Stovall is now a registered sex offender.

Christopher Wheat received a 10-year sentence earlier this year for an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old swimmer. He had been an assistant swim coach at Lawrence North High School and also for the Lawrence Swim Team in Indiana.