Thyeri Bione / EyeEm

The aquatics industry has known the many benefits of water exercise and immersion for quite some time. But existing medical studies and information have been sparse over the years. One reason for this gap is the lack of waterproof monitoring equipment needed to study the body's vital signs during water exercise. But new technology and more funding for research have allowed scientists to gather new information on the physiological benefits of being in the water.

As a result, more mainstream media outlets are picking up on water exercise -- it's even become a popular health trend no longer limited to only arthritis patients. Recently, Time Health released a video along with an article highlighting the many health benefits swimming delivers, including lowering blood pressure, helping with weight loss, and easing strain on joints. The article includes links to recent research and information on swimming's impact on heart health and muscle engagement, along with comments from expert researchers.

The findings show more reasons for people to engage in swimming and other water-based activities. This could potentially translate to more visitors to aquatics facilities.

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