A Texas teen is alleging its employee's policies are illegal. According to a report in the HoutonPress, a 17-year-old employee at A-Beautiful Pools in Tomball, Texas, claims the pool management firm cheats its employees out of wages. Going by the pseudonym of Blake to protect the employee's identity, the lifeguard says the company fines workers for a number of infractions, an act he and his father believe are illegal.

"According to Blake, A-Beautiful Pools fines employees for being just ten minutes late. It fines them for missing work even if the employee said in advance she could not work. And, he says, it also requires employees to clock in 15 minutes early every shift and begin working — yet alters their time cards to show they clocked in at 10 a.m., not 9:45 — so employees are never paid for all those quarter-hours. Blake says all three scenarios have happened to him — and asserts he is far from alone."

The HoustonPress said A-Beautiful Pools did not wish to comment on the allegations.

This news falls on the heels of reports regarding a lifeguard who is seeking a class action lawsuit alleging his former employer violated California labor laws.

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