Rosy Future

By Kevin Potucek, Hayward Pool Products | November/December 2009

Advances in aquatic equipment promise to reduce costs and increase operators’ peace of mind. And that's just the beginning.

Film School

By Dr. David R. Knighton & Vance D. Fiegel, Creative Water Solutions | June 2009

While bacteria are easily treated with traditional sanitizers, biofilm requires a different approach.

Regaining Water Balance

By Kent Williams, Professional Pool Operators of America | May 2009

Getting water quality back into shape after a winter shut down takes more than flipping a switch.

The Real CSI

By Matthew Griffith, Georgia Institute of Technology | April 2009

The Calcium Saturation Index is one of the most misunderstood concepts in aquatics. Find out how your understanding stacks up.

Good Circulation

By Connie Sue Centrella, Keiser University eCampus | February 2009

Proper circulation is crucial to maintaining a clean, balanced pool. Simple tests and adjustments can help ensure your water makes the rounds.