Less than a year after the Model Aquatic Health Code was published, the committee in charge of coordinating it has begun the second draft.

The Conference for the Model Aquatic Health Code is currently accepting change requests and will do so until Feb. 19.

Change requests are being accepted on the organization's website. The next version of the MAHC, accessible online, is scheduled for a 2016 release.

The MAHC, written by the Centers for Disease Control, is the first pool and spa code produced by the federal government. Released last year, it was developed as a comprehensive code and covers covers 14 subject areas: facility design and construction; recirculation systems and filtration; disinfection and water quality; risk management and safety; facility maintenance and operation; monitoring and testing; contamination burden; hygiene facilities; fecal/vomit/blood contamination response; operator training; lifeguarding and bather supervision; regulatory program administration; ventilation and air quality; and preference/user guide/definitions.

As a model code, it only applies to those areas that formally adopt the language, but some believe it also will influence government entities looking to write their own codes.

Members of the World Waterpark Association can can submit suggestions to the organization's MAHC Task Group by submitting them to mahc@waterparks.org.