Mobile smartphone technology has redefined how we live and work, with Apple’s iPod and iPhone leading the way.

Using various downloadable applications, those who must travel for a living can find that their offices are as close as their back pockets. But is the aquatics industry too specialized for this kind of portability?

The answer, fortunately, is "no." A number of applications are designed to make your job as an aquatics professional easier. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, check out these handy titles. Some similar apps are available for the Google Android.

Pool Calculator

Price: $4.99

Developer: Jason Linhart

What it does: This app calculates swimming pool chemistry, telling you exactly how much of each chemical to add to keep the water in balance. More than just a fancy test strip, this app features recommended ranges for chlorine (FC), raising/lowering pH, total alkalinity (TA), calcium hardness (CH), stabilizer (CYA), salt, borate and the Calcium Saturation Index (CSI). Measurements are given in U.S., metric and imperial units.


Price: $5.99

Developer: pSiFlow Technology Inc.

What it does: After capturing test strip results with the iPhone’s camera, this app uses image analysis to create customized treatment plans for water. (Manual entries using the iPod Touch also can be done.) Water treatment recommendations are based on Association of Pool & Spa Professionals guidelines, and the app will keep a history of treatment recommendations.

Saturation Index

Price: $3.99

Developer: InQ Mobile Apps, LLC

What it does: Created specifically for pool technicians, pool facility managers and DIY pool owners, this app calculates the Langelier Saturation Index using National Swimming Pool Foundation calculations. The calculator itself can accommodate “what if” scenarios, and will be used in Certified Pool Operator training classes.

LaMotte Insta-LINK

Price: $6.99

Developer: pSiFlow Technology Inc.

What it does: LaMotte Co. announces the new Insta-LINK App program, which allows smartphone users to photo-scan the company’s Insta-Test 3 pool and spa test strips, and eliminates the need to visually determine slight color variations. The program analyzes chlorine, bromine, pH and alkalinity, and recommends treatment. It also includes a manual-entry option, graphing capabilities and a history feature to store previous test data.

Pool Volume

Price: $5.99

Developer: InQ Mobile Apps, LLC

What it does: Designed for pool and spa professionals, this app has calculators for determining water volume in five standard pool/spa shapes (rectangular, circular, oval, oblong and kidney), along with information on how to calculate water volume in unusually shaped pools and spas. Measurements are given in U.S. and metric units (with a +/- 5 percent deviation), and all calculators have been approved by NSPF.

Aquatic Terms

Price: 99¢

Developer: Deep Powder Software

What it does: This app contains a comprehensive glossary of aquatic terms, abbreviations, industry terminology and descriptions. The terms are listed in a glossary format and are searchable by keyword. A direct e-mail link allows users to suggest missing terms

for updates.

Swim Log

Price: $4.99

Developer: Winston Rast

What it does: This app lets swimmers log their times digitally. It also includes some specialized features to help you track your progress.


Price: $2.99

Developer: Pixelwand

What it does: This app calculates chemical dosing for optimum water quality. Pool operators can correctly portion calcium sanitizer and stabilizers, and determine formulations to raise or lower alkalinity or pH.

Clear Water

Price: $1.99

Developer: Craig Lindley

What it does: Calculate the Langelier Saturation Index for your pool using this app.