Keeping guards motivated and vigilant is imperative during this busy time. Here are four most important tasks to perform in July.

1. Keep guards vigilant. Most drowning incidents happen during July, Pritchard warns. So it’s imperative that managers find ways to keep guards motivated and alert. She does a special “house of horror training” that requires guards to deal with multiple incidents. One year, she simulated a plane crashing into the pool. “It’s stuff that probably would never happen, but it keeps their brain engaged and thinking, ‘Well, what if this did happen?’” she says.

2. Work on teamwork and motivation. Another way to keep guards focused is through guard outings. Peper’s include movie nights, kick ball and pizza parties. “We know summer is hot and they have long hours on the stand,” he says. “Half way through the summer they’re like, ‘I’m getting tired of this.’ So we try to refresh their brains.”

3. Stay on top of maintenance. With the season half over, your facility has already gone through a lot of wear and tear. So check on those ladders, diving boards and water slides. Make sure everything is still secure and safe — and be prepared to shut down parts of the facility where equipment is broken. “So many things start to break down,” Peper says. “You just have to do your daily safety checks.”

4. Start preparing to shut down. July goes quickly. And everyone thinks the summer will never end. But this is the time to start posting end-of-season closing signs to let patrons know when the season will end, Twehous says.