Excerpted from the 2016 Aquatics Facility Handbook, here's what what aquatics operators should be looking out for in the month of June:

1. Work out the kinks. June is the first full month of operation, so take the opportunity to make sure all the preparation you did is working as expected, says Adam Peper, aquatic manager for The Pointe at Ballwin Commons in Ballwin, Mo.. Guards are in regular rotation and swim lessons have started. Even with the most careful planning, you’ll probably need to do some adjustments.

2. Start in-service training. Keeping guards motivated is crucial to their rescue readiness. Peper and others use twice- monthly in-service training to make sure guards are on their toes. “Sometimes they get to the point where they’ve been there a few seasons and they get stagnant,” he says.

3. Stay on top of water quality. As bather loads increase, it’s imperative that you carefully monitor chemicals and turnover. Keep an eye on your backwash as well, Peper says.

4. Walk the decks. This is the time to get out to your pools and make sure things are running as you expect — and discover where you need to do more training, says Alex Pritchard, recreation superintendent for the city of Roseville, Calif. Parks, Recreation and Libraries Department. She does weekly reviews. “It’s about being out there and knowing what’s going on,” she says. “Sometimes, especially if you’re new, you may not want to go out there and look because it scares you a little bit. It’s OK. You can look.”