1. Typical dimensions for a projector screen are 16x9 for widescreen presentation. Intended screen size is most dependent on the lumen output of your projector. Cut a housing sheet into your intended dimensions plus an extra six feet of height.
  2. Paint the housing sheet with a projector ready paint. Apply two layers with a roller brush and let dry for 24 hours.
  3. Roll the housing sheet top and bottom on to two lengths of PVC. Tape the the housing sheet on to the pipe once the height has been rolled into the proper 16x9 dimensions. Wrap evenly to ensure that no wrinkles are transmitted to the face of the screen.
  4. Matte the screen with a two inch thick border of black matte paint.
  5. Run a rope through the top PVC pipe and hang where needed. The bottom PVC pipe should be enough weight to keep the screen taut.