Frequent contributor Pete DeQuincy has joined AI’s advisory board. DeQuincy, who writes the “Lifesavers” column in AI, is aquatic manager of East Bay Regional Park District in Oakland, Calif. He oversees more than 170 lifeguards and water safety instructors across 11 facilities, which include pools, artificial lagoons and lakes.

He’s served the district for nearly 10 years.

DeQuincy has earned numerous awards and industry accreditations. He is an American Red Cross instructor trainer in water safety, lifeguarding and emergency medical response. He also was selected to be an American Red Cross instructor trainer educator in water safety and lifeguarding.

Additionally, he served as a member of the American Red Cross’ National Sounding Board, has chaired several health and safety committees, and is an active member of numerous industry organizations.

A highly sought-after speaker, DeQuincy has conducted courses for the World Waterpark Association, among other conferences.

DeQuincy’s first “Lifesavers” column appeared in 2013 and continues to be one of AI’s most popular and widely shared articles online. Last year, he also spearheaded the inaugural Summer Lifeguard Challenge, a digital initiative that invited lifeguards to demonstrate various rescue missions.

DeQuincy is currently developing another lifeguard competition for the website and soon will launch an advice column.

AI is grateful for for him sharing his expertise with our readers.