As the swim season comes to a close, aquatics facility operators are taking stock and asking the big question: How was attendance?

Nationwide, several reported fewer visitors, at least early on, as a result of below average temperatures. The news made headlines across a number of states, including Missouri, IndianaIllinois, and Wisconsin.

In Cincinnati, pool operators saw a downturn for a different reason, according to The Enquirer.

The Cincinnati City Council voted on June 20 that children 11 and younger aren't allowed to be at a pool during an open swim without an adult present. This decision came after 10-year-old Tyrell Wyche of Walnut Hills drowned at the Bush Recreation Park in Walnut Hills. The minimum age to swim alone was officially changed from seven to 12 on June 26.

Attendance numbers dipped from 21,268 the week before the change to 20,197 the week after the change was implemented – a 5 percent drop.

As is to be expected, new facilities had an easier time avoiding a slump. According to a report in The Prairie VIllage Post, attendance during the first seven weeks of the summer at the new Mission Aquatic Center, Mission, Ks., was nearly double that of last year. 

SImilarly, a headline in the Pine Bluff Commercial read "Crenshaw Springs Water Park Attracted More Than 20,000 In Inaugural Year."

How was attendance at your facility? Let us know in the comments below.