This might be the strangest aquatics news we've seen in a while. In October 2015, Iceland Magazine reported it had spotted some unusual signs posted at the swimming pool in Sundhöllin. Apparently, after a rash of complaints regarding men drying their behind with the communal hairdryer in the bathroom, the facility has taken to using graphic warning signs to request that male bathers properly use the bathroom hairdryers.

The signs were created to help visually explain a new official rule on how to shower.

"Rule #1: Don’t dry your scrotum or your behind with the communal hairdryer in the swimming pool or the gym," the news agency reported.

According to Iceland Magazine, Icelanders take the rules very seriously, especially when it comes to bathing in a pool.

"There are, for example, few ways to generate more silent hatred and loathing from Icelanders than to enter a swimming pool without first showering in the nude.," the story reads.

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