Here are four ways to market your facility as a place to get fit:

  • Work with local medical practices. “We assume that all medical professionals know what we do,” says Sue Nelson, aquatic program specialist at USA Swimming in Colorado Springs, Colo. “Through experience, we’ve found that’s not the case.” Proactively pitch your facilty to medical providers as a preventive healthcare option.
  •  Assess your big picture. Find ways to create more of a “health club” environment at your facility. For example, if your snack bar serves pizza, burgers and the usual “junk food,” you might partner with a local restaurant that can provide healthier options for delivery.
  • Spread the word. In recent years, there's been much new research showing the health benefits of aquatics. When you see a report or an article, let patrons know. Print some copies to leave on the front desk, post it on your message boards, and send a link in your e-newsletter. 
  • Jump on the bandwagon. There’s lots of health and fitness messaging out there. Find ways to be part of it. For example, offer your facility for the swimming leg of the annual triathalon, or set up a booth at a local heath fair.