A waterpark in Canada has been cleared on nine safety charges that stem from incidents dating back to 2011 and 2012. Although owners of Calypso Waterprak expressed a sense of relief, 11 citations still remain on the table for the a 100-acre facility located east of Ottawa.

Ontario's Technical Standards and Safety Authority cited Calypso in 2013 after a series of serious injuries to patrons. Park owner Guy Drouin has been fighting them since, stressing that the facility's 600 employees were trained according to safety standards, the Ottawa Sun reported.

"Eighteen months later, and before the trial is even completed, the Crown now recognizes nearly half of the charges should not continue and should be dropped," the firm's lawyer Lawrence Greenspon said in a statement.

When Calypso opened in 2010 to the tune of $65 million, it was the country's largest waterpark. At the time, the park touted 35 water slides, Canada's largest wave pool and North America's then tallest water slide tower. (Schllitterbahn has since taken over this title with its world's tallest slide, Verrückt.)