People just love to make “best” lists, and among the favorites are super-cool places to swim – manmade as well as natural. These lists always include such dazzling images that it makes you want to drop everything, hop on a plane and head for faraway places. Consider the 24-story-tall Holiday Inn with its now-famous glass-bottomed pool that extends out over the Shanghai city streets. A swim there is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it’s not for the fainthearted. Or how about Phi Phi Island, Thailand, with its unbelievably clear green ocean water, golden beaches and deep blue skies (not to mention a fun, laid-back local atmosphere), which make it almost impossible to leave.

But wait. Now there’s another list of swimming holes to consider, and this one is much more do-able for most folks. The Top 50 Swim Cities of 2015 have emerged from a study commissioned by USA Swimming and swimwear maker Speedo USA. It highlights some great pools, but why should the locals have all the fun? Perhaps it’s worth a trip to dip into some of these pools.

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