For years, Aquatics International has reported on the continuing lack of minorities participating in aquatics, as well as the need for greater water safety to reduce drownings and increase swimming skills.

Numerous industry members have led the charge to spread awareness and participation in aquatics, including Tara Eggleston, a contributor to AI's Minority Report and a previous Power 25 honoree. Eggleston isn't alone. Other individuals and organizations have worked diligently to alter the statistics.

All of these efforts seem to be working, according to a recent report in Yahoo News.

With four African-Americans in line to land spots on the Olympic team, the pool for swimming talent has grown more diverse.

USA Swimming Foundation stats indicate a minority growth rate that outstrips the overall growth of grass-roots participation. From 2004-15, USA Swimming athlete membership increased by 45 percent. Within the same time frame, the African-American membership increased by 55 percent, Hispanic/Latino membership increased by 77 percent and "mixed" ethnicity membership also increased by 77 percent.

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