Prevent an avalanche.

Snow and ice build up above an indoor/outdoor hot tub can pose a hazard to guests. Under certain conditions “miniature avalanche” environments can be created, depending on the slope of the building’s roof, rising outside temperature and steam lifting off the tub. To prevent snow and ice crashing down on patrons in your hot tub, keep the surrounding roof clean.

— Dan Warren, senior director of organizational development,Greater Houston Pool Management

Reader Pick

As selected by readers, here’s one must have for this season.

The AquaVac Pro21 cleaner from Aqua Vac Systems is battery operated and totally self-contained. The product includes a 21-inch cleaning head, 40-foot power cord, heavy/ fine filter bag, battery box, cart and truck/ trailer mount.

Start a marketing/ideas file.

Make it a New Year’s Resolution and add to the file throughout the year, whenever you see or hear of an idea that you would like to try at some point. Refer back to your file and share it with the team often.

— Wendi Howard, director of marketing,CoCo Key Water Resort at Best Western Clock Tower Resort

Get Educated

Experts agree that continuing education is vital, especially in a down economy.

If you don’t have the budget for extensive training look for free or low cost options such as the Aquatics International Virtual Conference or this one.

Celebrate Love!

Consider running a Valentine’s promotion to jump-start your season pass sales.

— Clinton Hill, general manager,Hawaiian Falls-Firewheel Waterpark

Protect Your Signs

Make sure any outdoor signage that can't come down is securely covered with dark vinyl or plastic. Even winter sun can cause damage.

— Judith Leblein Josephs, president, JLJ Enterprises,LLC

The number of technicians it takes to handle winter maintenance at Dollywood’s Splash Country.

— Ashley Adams, publicity coordinator,Dollywood’s Splash Country