A lot of amazing things have happened in aquatics sports during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. From Michael Phelps' astounding 23rd gold medal win to the controversial green pool water problem, the last 12 days have been full of powerful headlines, memorable video clips, shocking allegations, and hilarious social media reactions. These are our favorites.

1) That moment when Simone Manuel became the first African American, male or female, to take home a medal in an individual event. An inspiring moment never to be forgotten, Manuel placed first in the 100m free to earn gold, instantly becoming a hero of the sport.

2) That time when numerous news outlets attributed the successes of female athletes like Katie Ledecky and Katinka Hosszu to men, and aquatics advocate/fellow Olympian Rowdy Gaines mocked such sexist comments saying, "I love to watch her swim. She has a loping-type stroke. A lot of people think she swims like a man. She swims like Katie Ledecky, for crying out loud." Thanks, Rowdy!

3) Michael Phelps. What else can we say that hasn't already been said? This article could have turned out to be a Top 10 Phelps Olympics Moments, but we'll narrow it down to the following few: that time Michael Phelps became an internet sensation after his death stare against oppponent, South Africa’s Chad Le Clos, prior to the 200 meter butterfly semifinals. The red room moment turned viral when #phelpsface became a trending hashtag. As if that wasn't enough, there also was that time he performed the "best turn ever done" to help Team USA take gold in the 400-meter freestyle relay. Then there's his 23rd and final (or is it?) Olympic gold medal win. Shall we go on?

4) When Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui finished third, winning a Bronze medal, but didn't even realize she had made it to the podium. Watch the moment as it unfolds.

5) Lilly King keeps it real after winning gold in the 100m breaststroke, standing by her statements regarding Russia's Yulia Efimova and the issue of doping. “You’re shaking your finger ‘No. 1’ and you’ve been caught for drug cheating,” King said in reference to Efimova shaking her finger as she was loudly booed before and after her semifinal race . “I’m not a fan.” ...

6) That time the pools turned green. Originally thought to be an algae problem, the water polo and diving pools eventually returned to normal. A statement from FINA ultimately cleared up any confusion: "The water tanks ran out of some of the chemicals used in the water treatment process. As a result the pH level of the water was outside the usual range, causing the discolouration."

7) Anthony Irvin defies age when the 35-year-old became the oldest-ever individual Olympic swimming gold medalist when he won the men’s 50-meter freestyle and the men’s four-by-100-meter freestyle relay.

8) The moment Great Britain's Adam Peaty broke the world record in the 100m breaststroke and took gold but was overshadowed by Cody Miller's reaction to taking third place in the race. He also beat the American record. "You can hear Cody Miller. That's Cody Miller screaming, not Adam Peaty," said the NBC announcer. Relive the moment here.

9) That time #freethespeedo became a trending hashtag when an act of accidental censorship made the Olympic divers look naked on screen. Of course, Buzzfeed had a blast with it.

10) She may not have medaled, but we all were Yusra Mardini when the 18-year-old Refugee Olympic Athletes team swimmer from Syria (now living in Germany) competed in the women's 100m freestyle and butterfly.

What was your favorite aquatics sports moment from the 2016 Rio Games? Share in the comments section below.