In February, a young woman in Sweden took it upon herself to respond to the recent string of alleged groping incidents taking place at public swimming pools. She formed a vigilante watch group called a “Tafsvakter” to protect patrons from unwanted advances made by refugees. Now, some are saying that the 'Molestation Guards' in Sweden are going too far, suggesting there may be a tie to the neo-Nazi movement.

According to a report in The Telegraph, the group's founder Siri Bernhardsson and her friends have been accused of spurring fear and racism at the pool where she launched her campaign. The facility's manager even claims the staff has received hate mail since the patrols began in early February.

“She has no understanding of the consequences of what she’s doing,” complained Susanne Gryfelt, acting manager of the Kalmar Adventure pool. “I have received extremely racist emails. It’s making people afraid, and they’re afraid of a problem that doesn’t exist.”

A number of copycat groups have been formed throughout the region. The cofounder of one group in Stockholm, Robert Banderby, received a suspended sentence in September 2015 for carrying a knife and violent rioting after he and 30 others from the neo-Nazi Swedish Resistance Movement attacked an anti-racist demonstration. Read More