It looks like people really do #BacktheBaths. A crowdfunding campaign to construct an open-air swimming pool on river Thames in central London has come to a close, and the first target goal has been reached.

According to a report in The Guardian, more than 1,200 backers contributed to the 125,000 pound goal (approximately $190,000 USD), which will be used by Studio Octopi architects behind the Thames Baths project to build a case to obtain planning permission.

"Chris Romer-Lee, 42, one of the architects, said the Thames was the largest underused public space in the capital, and his team wanted to change that by creating a 'beautiful, lush, floating pool' on the banks of the river," The Guardian reported. "He said contributions had ranged from £1 to £5000. Early backers who contributed £45 or more will be founding members of the project."

Romer-Lee is hoping planning permission will be granted by spring 2016, and the project will be ready to launch in spring 2017. If all goes well, he believes additional projects could be in the future, with Leeds as a possible second site.

This project follows in the footsteps of a similar successful crowdfunded +Pool effort, which generated funds to build the pool now underway in Manhattan's East River. Read More